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    VMWare Plugin


      Quick questions....


      Is there a plug-in for ARM to collect VMWare permissions




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          Hi Finky,


          there is no specific connector for VMWare at the moment. You could use EasyConnect - the generic interface for cases like these - to import the data yourself.

          Easyconnect in a nutshell is a data format which allows you to import data from any 3rd party system. There are 2 variants of EasyConnect:


          - CSV

               Data is imported in CSV format - allows for script execution before import

          - SQL

               Data is imported through sql scripts - requires target data to be available in DB


          What you would do if you wanted to go that route is write a Script (Powershell for example) to read out the ressources and permissions from your VMWare instance, transform it into the correct format for the import and run that script before the import action.

          You should be able to find more info about EasyConnect in the docs if you want to look into it.