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    Question Mark on XP OWA Clients

      For those of use using XP and using Exchange 2003 OWA and have found after installing a SolarWinds toolset you have an extra ? being added to your emails. I found the cause to this one and the solution.

      On the client XP computer that is using IE, the cause is Microsoft moved dhtmled.ocx and triedit.dll to a new location instead of the windows\system32 directory. 

      The Solarwinds Toolset install program looks in the Windows\System32 directory, does not see the files, so it installed them and registered them.  This effectively down revs the files.

      To correct the problem, re-register the newer version located in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Triedit

      To do so, open a command prompt, change directory to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Triedit and then use regsvr32 to re-register the correct versions of dhtmled.ocx and triedit.dll. You can then go delete the old versions that are located in your windows\system32.

      This will get rid of the ?

      I've talked to the guy at Solarwinds that makes the install package and he is working on a fix to prevent this from happening.

      BK Rogers

      Nobody Special
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          I notice that it's been over a year since this was posted, and I just purchased the tools and installed them with the same issue.  It seems like they would have had time to fix the problem by now.
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            Thanks for bringing this topic back from the grave.
            I was having this exact problem with my laptop while at Cisco Networkers this year, using OWA to send e-mails. I'm sure everyone thought I was nuts starting of all my replies with a '?'.
            I just ran the fix now.... Thanks again.