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    Upgrading to V8 and WIN2003

      Just wanted to check with the group on any issues or caviots in loading V8 on 2003.  We're currently running V7 on WIN200 SP4 and want to upgrade to a new server.
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          I just had version 7 running on Windows 2003 and just upgraded to version 8 without an issue.  Went pretty painlessly other than the fact the installer didn't detect a previous installation.
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            I'm running ver. 8 on Win2K3.  Syslog server keeps hanging after running about 5 minutes or so.  I've tried deleting the db file and letting it make a new one, still hangs (that's why I'm here actually).  As for the install recognizing previous versions, it's not designed to.  I know, directions are for sissies, but if you read, they specifically tell you to remove any previous versions before installing the new one (been that way the last couple of version releases anyway).

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