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    NPM Version 8.0.18 database bloat still an issue

      I am still experiencing database bloat issues with the newest version. (8.0.18 at the time of this writing)

      Admittedly, I monitor a large number of objects, (1431 network nodes and 332 interfaces) which was never a problem with version 5. The database bloat problem started with version 7 and still persists. My database grows about 100,000KB per day.

      Version 8 includes a new feature to allow compacting the database at night during regularly scheduled maintenance. The compaction is not working for me.

      I have my "nightly maintenance" scheduled to run at 8:00AM so I can be here to monitor it. I have the new "compact before maintenance" configured to run everyday. At 7:27AM the database was 1,170,468KB. At 8:00AM database maintenance ran (I verified that it ran by watching task manager and checking the log.) At about 8:20AM database maintenance finished so I checked the size and it was 1,178,696KB.

      I then shutdown NPM and ran database maintenance manually. After compaction the size was 163,888KB.

      I will contact Solarwinds support about this, but wanted to share my experiences to see if others were having the same issues.