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    Templates - Exchange AddressBookPolicy


      Hi all,


      i've tried to put the AddressBookPolicy from Exchange to a template.


      I will get a Server error message, while sending the template.


      I can choose it in the list, but get the error message.


      Here my config in the .json file:



      "Name": "AddressBookPolicy",

      "Definition": {

      "Type": "DropDownList",

      "DefaultValue": "adressbookpolicy_Germany",

      "Label": "['en-us:Addressbook','de-de:Adressbuch']",

      "IsRequired": false,

      "Items": [


      "Value": "adressbookpolicy_Germany",

      "DisplayValue": "adressbookpolicy_Germany"








        • Re: Templates - Exchange AddressBookPolicy

          Hi Muneer,


          can you repeat the test and afterwards check in the LOG file "C:\ProgramData\protected-networks.com\8MAN\log\pnserver.log" (that is the old log directory, maybe in new installation it is called solarwinds) and check if you can see any error regarding the template. Can you share the error message itself you saw and maybe error message in the LOG File?