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    NPM Graph Question

      Hi all!  I usually like to keep two or three graphs up throughout the day, and I noticed that whenever they update the scale will revert to some default (not the same default on each graph, though).  When I change the scale (so, for example, our T1 connection to Birmingham and our T1 connection to Atlanta will show the same scale - easier readability) to something similar, they revert back to whatever the default is (one of them is 10Mbps and the other one is 2.1 Mbps).  How can I fix it so the scale does not change every time the graph data updates?

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          The charts will autoscale based on the maximum values displayed. Although you cannot set a fixed scale by interface, you can change the scaling threholds that are used by all graphs.

          Edit the scaling.cfg file. It is an xml file that can be edited with any text or xml editor. If you delete the lower scales, it will not use them.

          PS. I'll also ask the development group about setting fixed scales by chart.