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    New Free Tools - SolarWinds Flow Tools Bundle


      We're excited to release a new free tools bundle - The SolarWinds® Flow Tool Bundle!


      Gain the ability to quickly distribute, test, and configure flow traffic with the free network traffic analysis tools included in the SolarWinds® Flow Tool Bundle. Showcasing some of the signature flow traffic analysis capabilities from SolarWinds, the Flow Tool Bundle offers three handy, easy-to-install, and free network traffic analysis tools: SolarWinds NetFlow Replicator, SolarWinds NetFlow Generator, and SolarWinds NetFlow Configurator.


      You can download the bundle here: FREE Flow Tool Bundle | SolarWinds


      Learn more about the capabilities of these three tools here:SolarWinds Free Tool Overview: The Flow Tool Bundle - YouTube

      You can find the Quick Reference Guide here, to get started:SolarWinds Flow Tools Bundle Quick Reference Guide


      Post your feedback, comments, and feature requests on the Flow Tools Bundle here:Flow Tool Bundle


      We're keen to hear how you use these tools in your environment!