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    SolarWinds reads fract ional T1 incorrectly

      We have recently rolled out the Nortel Contivity 1740 secure router and I have discovered an error while monitoring the T-1 min/max/ave utilization.  The FT1 module is a full T1 (all 24 channels), but SolarWinds is reading it as a 56K.  I wish I could get 600% utilization.  Can you tell me where SW is getting the circuit size information.

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          I assume you are using Network Performance Monitor.

          You can set the bandwidth of each interface by right clicking the interface and selecting "Interface Details".

          You can specify the "Transmit" and "Receive" bandwidth.
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            Initally when you add an interface to NPM, the program reads the bandwidth from the ifSpeed value in the SNMP interface table.  So if the device does not report a correct speed, or it has been set to a lower value for routing protocol weighting, NPM will get the wrong value.  Kind of a garbage in, garbage out problem. 

            As the previous replies have said, you just right click on the interface, list interface details, and change in and out bandwidths to whatever values you want. 

            If you want NPM to get the correct value, you may want to check the bandwidth setting on your Nortel device and see if it has been set to 56KB on your FT1 interface.

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