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    Viewing multiple MIB's at once?

      I am looking to monitor our UPS and Environmental Probes with the Engineers toolset.  We already have Solarwinds Orion v7 in house, but it cannot do what we need as far as MIBs are concerned.  Our need is simple.  A dedicated page of UPS's and Envirionmental probes all displaying temps, battery status etc, pulled via SNMP MIB's.  Can someone either tell me that Engineers Edition has this functionallity or can someone point me in the right direction?  Thanks!
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          Use the SNMP real-time Graph, have it publish the graph to a webserver and then write you own web page with those graphs included.  Make sure you put a Meta Refresh in the header of the page you write so the page will reload every X seconds.

          Of course the machine running the multiple copies of SNMP Real-Time Graph will need to be running at all times, but I think this will get you what you want.