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    Real Time Inter. & Bandwidth Guage Discrepancy

      I am evaluating Solarwinds Engineer's Edition and found what appears to be a different information between the Real Tie Interface tool and the Bandwidth Guage tool.

      While monitoring the interfaces on a router with the real time interface tool, a particular frame circuit came up with over 100% utilization and the trasmitted and recieved bps seemed to confirm that. When I added a bandwidth guage specifically for that interface, it always showed reasonable levels of traffic even while the real time interface was still running and showing over 100% for that interface.

      Is this a program error, am I reading it wrong, or is something else going on with that interface?

        • Re: Real Time Inter. & Bandwidth Guage Discrepancy
          There is a problem in the Real-Time Interface Monitor with certain types of interfaces. The Interface Utilization would continue to climb above 100% (bps can also be incorrect in this situation).

          If you are experiencing this problem, contact support for the Toolset 7.5 release or version 8 pre-release which includes an update to the Real-Time Interface Monitor AND a pre-release of the version 8 Bandwidth Gauges.