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    Engineers Edition 7.1.101

      We recently purchased the Engineers Edition, and I suspect that it doesn't include some of the tools that my employer may have thought it did.  Perhaps you can help.  I had hoped that this package might include some tool(s) for network server security event log management.  After looking through the installed product, I cannot seem to find any tool(s) that address these needs.  GFI has a product (LANGuard S.E.L.M.), that seems very appropriate, but my boss want to see if Solar Winds offers anything that accomplishes the task of monitoring, interpreting, and maintaining the Security Event Logs of our servers.  Is there any "add-on", "snap-in", "plug-in", etc... for the Engineers Edition that may help with this need?  My stroll through SolarWinds.net did not turned up anything promising.  Perhaps I've simply overlooked it.
      Thanks in advance, any help is greatly appreciated.

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          The only logging that solarwinds does is Syslog and SNMP trap logging.  Both tools are very basic and don't offer any type of categorizing or sorting.  There is a basic search feature for the syslog.  If your good, you can use MS Access to open the database and run your own reports.

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