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    SWQL Help! It's making baby Jesus cry....right before his birthday....not a good look.


      Hey Team Thwack,


        Good Morning!  I am trying to create a chart that shows the number of connections to a particular set of virtual server on an F5. I have poured through the list of reports and have not seen any that do this.  There are reports that show connections according to pool members, and that would work...unfortunately, it will only list up to 10 pool members (some of our VS' have in excess of 30 pool members). After trying to adjust a canned report to meet my needs, I abandoned that and tried to do it via SQL and SWQL....and have only got it *partially* working. I can get the information to display as a table, but if I try to do it as a chart (and we all know how much management types love charts) it just spins and spins at the loading data screen.  Any help with the code or where I am going astray would be greatly appreciated. With that said...I am not a coding expert by ANY stretch of the imagination.






      SELECT VS.ShortName, VS.Connections, I.DateTime

      FROM Orion.F5.LTM.VirtualServer VS, Orion.F5.LTM.VirtualServerStats  I


      AND Connections > 0

      ORDER BY I.DateTime DESC