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    Imported node appears as ASA


      Hi all,


      We have a requirement to add nodes that we don't / can't manage and have no physical access to - not even ping.


      To date I've been adding the few of these that we need as an 'external node: no status' and then filling in the necessary details, etc. The trouble is that when viewed via the node details page they always show up as bineg ASA's (see screengrab below)




      The trouble with this is that other then presenting the view for a Cisco ASA is that is also doesn't show us any of our 'custom properties' which are essential (for us) for these types of node. Any clues on how to fix this before I raise a ticket with support? I've checked "Views by Device Type" and unknown is set to default. Don't know where else to look and my Googling isn't finding any other references to this.