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    Real-time Interface monitor mis-reporting

      I think I must be missing something.  I have the Real-time interface onitor looking at a T-1 in my network, I am also running the bandwidth guages on that same interface. 
      The real-time monitor says I'm shoving 4.5M in and 5.3 M out at the same time that the guage (and the router itself) are reporting around 26K.

      What am I reading wrong or wha tis really being reported?

      Any ideas?
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          There is an internal bug in the initial release of Real-Time Interface monitor that causes the traffic and percent util rates to continuously increase for certain interface types. This has been fixed in a toolset update. Since the fix also required a change to the MIB Browser engine, a new toolset download had to be built instead of a simple update to the Real-Time Interface Monitor.

          The updated Engineer's Edition should be available by 12/15/2004.