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    UnDP values


      Hello All,


      I am using UnDP to pull the F5 current connections and I've added the OID ( from several devices and I would like to assign it to a custom property.


      I've created a new poller and I see the other pollers(?) but I could only change the "Data Source" in this page:


      Is there a way to add a poller on the left of this section (Software Version) instead of changing the value/data source? Could a custom property be assigned there?

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          Leon Adato

          Short answer is "no". The custom pollers you're talking about allow you to replace standard data points (CPU, RAM, machine type, etc) with custom OIDs. You can't collect a custom OID and push that value into a custom property.


          Also as a side note (for anyone else reading this as well) you don't need to create a UNDP poller in order to use the custom pollers found in Setting, All Settings.


          However, you CAN use the UNDP data for reports, alerts, etc. So let's focus there. What do you want to DO with this information, once it's collected?

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