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    Number of Nodes

      I would like to know how many nodes can be discovered and managed with the Engineers Edition. I have so far not got any indication of this
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          There is no software limit to the number of Nodes or size of network that can be managed. The only limitation is your network bandwidth and PC's resources.

          SolarWinds has customers with HUGE networks (NATO, Air Force, MCI Worldcom) that routinely discovery all or a portion of the network without any problem.

          If you are wanting to monitor a large network with Network Performance Monitor over a large period of time (months), I strongly reccomend you upgrade to the Orion Network Performance Monitor.


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            I respectfully disagree.  It is not a factor of network bandwidth or System resources.  The determinig factor is the size of the database that is created and how quickly it hits the 2 Gig limit that is defined by MS Access.  I was told that there was no limit but quickly realized the limitation is the DB.  I have heard that Solarwinds will suggest a maximum of 100 interfaces for the EE.  If there is more than that you would need to upgrade to Orion, which uses SQL.  Which really does prove the fact the limitation is the DB not the bandwidth or the server.  I love the EE and would highly recommend it, but I am VERY disappointed at the vague system requirements and the limitation that is set by the DB.
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              The limitation of the DB is actually determined by polling intervals, how long stats are kept(esp. detailed stats) and how often the DB is compacted.
              You can monitor quite a large network just by compacting the DB regularly.
              (see other posts in this forum regarding this issue).


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                I have the Orion Network Performance Monitor and receice the 100 node limitation.  I've heard of compacting the DB SQL, how do I do that?