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    Read Only Permissions


      Is there a way to grant read only permissions to a tech? Essentially, we want to give the tech the following permissions.


      • Tickets
        • View Dashboard
        • View and Search Tickets
        • CAN NOT Create, Modify, or Close Tickets
      • FAQ
        • CAN NOT Create or Modify FAQs
      • Reports
        • View Reports
        • View Survey Results
        • CAN NOT Create or Modify Reports/Surveys
      • Messages
        • View Messages
        • CAN NOT Create or Modify Messages


      Currently, I have the following permissions set (checked):


      • Ticket Permissions
        • View Dashboard
      • Other Permissions
        • Report View
        • View Survey Results
        • Re: Read Only Permissions

          After a quick review and comparing vs. the permissions available in the product, what you report above as configured seems correct.  If you have not already, I recommend logging in with that user and walking through a few scenarios to ensure it is behaving as you would like and expect.