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    Network Performace Monitor Questions

      I just started using ver. 7 and have a question about the Bandwidth utilization. When I added the Cisco router and Interface and collected some date I noticed that the utilazation on some interfaces was very high. So I checked the bandwidth setting on the router and configured it for the actual bandwidth we have allocated. So now Network Performance Monitor is reporting the utilization correctly. My real question is that first week of data being wrong will it weekly, monthly, yearly data be wrong? Will I have to edit the database some to make sure that bandwidth and the data points match the now correct settings?

      Also does anyone know how I can push out the "Publish to WEB" pages every 5 minutes? It is the next real thing I need this product to do.

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          The "database" used by Network performance monitor is an MS Access database and it can be editied and changed using Access even though the extension is not .mdb

          Performance monitor does not push data to the web automatically. It can write the currnet information to an XML file that you will need to parse.

          Or you could write a OBDC query to **** the info out of the database.

          Or you could spend some $$$ on Solarwinds Orion product which puts all the availability and performance data on a website as part of normal operation.

          Ric Knight