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    How to track down a machine

      I've run the Solarwinds IP Address Manager and the IP Network Browser and there are a handful of static Addresses that show zero information about them and I don't know how to track down what devices are using those IP addresses.  All of our Cisco devices are showing up that way as well, but I just happen to know their IPs.

      Any suggestions?
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          If they aren't registered in DNS you aren't going to be able to resolve a hostname for the device.  If you are running windows you can always try doing a ping -a, which will try to resolve the name of the device.  If that doesn't work, then you will have to either find the owner of the device or track down where it's attatched to your network and trace the cable...and hope it's labeled.
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            Try adding some additional SNMP community strings to your IP network brower.  If you know there's an active IP on the network, but your not sure where it's at, use the switch port mapper to isolate the switch and port.

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              Do a search in this forum for "scanner"

              Here is one topic with a few answers:


              If you have the EE there is a Port Scanner tool which may help.

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                Run the switch port mapper on some of your switches.  It is a fast and easy way to know what IP/MAC addresses are on which switch port.  Or, for Cisco switches you can do the following:

                If you know the MAC address, log onto a switch on that subnet.
                do a 'show mac-address address xxxx.xxxx.xxxx' and if that address is in the table it will show the port the switch knows that address is on.

                Do a 'show mac-address interface xxx' to see how many addresses are on that port.  If you only see the address in question, you've found the port.  If you see many addresses, you know there is a switch, hub, or AP on that port.

                Do a 'show cdp neighbor' and you can see if that port has a Cisco device.  Log into that device and continue to track down the mac-address location.

                I only know Cisco commands.