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    SNMP newby

      I was hoping someone could help me out with a few basics.  I have an alteon load balance switch running SNMP.  I would like to write a small SNMP script to do some maintenaance updates - so I would write a couple of lines to disable a real server on my load balancer and then re-enable it after the update is complete.  In addition, I probably woudl do a few SNMP gets to get session info etc.  I have the solar winds engineering tools and can walk my MIB on the alteon, I also have started to use the SNMP browser tool.  In addition, I have the actual MIB files from Alteon.  Starting simple, is there a way to import the mib files from Alteon into the SNMP browser, if so I am assuming it would have all of the description info like it has for other MIBs.  I looked but it only imports MIBx files what are these?  My second part of this question is once I have my MIBs into the MIB browser I wouls assume I could do an SNMP set to write to my device - this should give  me the basis for transfering what I need to some sort of script.