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    Scheduled SFTP Transfers


      We are implementing Serv-U MFT Server with Serv-U Gateway with AD Authentication.  Product supports SFTP (SSH2) which is our requirement.  However do you know if the solution supports scheduled SFTP transfers from an external business to this platform?  Would the third party require a user account on our Active Directory domain?


      Thanks in advance!

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          You can certainly do this.  Your client can use FTP Voyager to have the schedule transfers.  As for the account, if you are configured as Windows Authentication, then yes, they will need an account on your AD environment.


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          If you are using the Native Users on the Serv-U as authentication, then no.

          There are several ways for you to do this, one is to create a separate domain(on ServU) for those scheduled transfers, that way you do not have to create AD users but simply using the Native users int he Serv-U or DB Users.

          Another way is to try the Filesharing Feature of Serv-U.  However, this will not be a scheduled Tasks.

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