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    Alert Configurations with Email


      New to SW and attended 101 training.  Am looking to set up an alert system with email notification.  The way the network is setup, have core switches to which ITNs are connected and then Access Switches are connected to the ITNs.  What I am looking for, if I lose connectivity to an access switch I would get an alert with email notification.  The same for an ITN, however I would not need notification from the access swtiches in this case and on up the chain, e.g., the core switches. Receive notification from them, but not what is behind them.  Cna I get some assistance, please. 


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          you should take a look at the dependencies feature. You will find it under "Settings -> All Settings" -> Manage Dependencies. If you have topology polling enabled on your network hardware, it will automatically discover some dependencies. But i would recommend you to check the discovered results. However you can define dependencies yourself. It can be nodes, interfaces, groups, applications etc.


          Add a new dependencie and select the superior device. (example: CoreSwitch)

          On the next screen select the subordinated devices (example: AccessSwitches)


          Your alert "Node down" will then trigger only for the Core-Switch if this device is down. All depending devices will not be flagged as "down", they will be "not reachable".


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