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    How to tag a VLAN on specific interfaces in HP switches


      Hello everyone,


      I've seen something similar but for Cisco switches. Which is not the case for HP switches, the OS is differently structured.


      So what i want to achieve:


      1.  I have already vlan 100 tagged on ports 9, 20, trk1

      2.  I managed to create a "config change template" to add the new VLAN (200) that I want.

      3.  Create another "config change template" that will find the ports on which vlan 100 is tagged and tag vlan 200 on same ones.


      Using the template from Cisco adding/removing vlan membership doesn't work because:


      .PARAMETER_LABEL @VlanToAssign

              VLAN to assign


              Select the VLAN you would like to assign.


      doesn't allow me to select the vlan that I want to add from the list when I want to execute.


      Any ideas or help will be much appreciated.