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      Does anyone else get this scenario (I am in the UK)


      I open a support case and get a confirmation email

      I get an email from an engineer saying Hi I called you but you were not available

      I reply and say can you give me a time when you can call back so I can be available

      no reply and the case is closed


      I get this about 90% of all my cases

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          I don't often play tag with support, but it might happen once or twice in a year.  But never do I get a closed case and no reply and no resolution.


          I've found that this process works best for me:


          1. Run the Diagnostics tool and create the diagnostics zipped file.  This takes a while, so move to step 2 while you're waiting:
          2. Create a Support Ticket online
          3. Upload the Diagnostics and attach them to the ticket
          4. Now you can call Support with the ticket ID and ask for help.  All the info they need should be present in the diagnostics file and in the ticket (if you did a good job communicating the issue there).
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              I like that approach




              do they always take the call or do you sit on hold and be given a call-back


              if so we may be back to my original scenario

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                  They've always picked up the phone for me.  Depending on the degree of severity I assign, I've had to wait various amounts of time.  20 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.  That's OK for a low-priority problem, and I just put the phone on speaker and work on other issues.


                  When I really have a serious problem I assign it the highest rating and I usually get someone to pickup quickly--or at least within five or ten minutes.

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                It never happened to me . You can reopen the case.