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    WHD tickets stuck in resolved state again


      Looks like it started on 9/17/18.


      We currently have over 1,200 tickets that should have automatically converted over to Closed five days after they were set to resolved.


      Web Help Desk Version 

      12.5.2 - Build #


      This happened before and it was solved by upgrading to 12.5.2, but the admins just discovered its happening again?


      Previous thread:    RESOLVED having issues after upgrading to 12.5.1


      Anyone else having this issue?

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          fluffy midnight

          Hi 123kateb,


          When did you upgrade to 12.5.2 from 12.5.1, I would presume it was some time ago?


          Do you have an auto-restart configured for the help desk?


          It sounds as though the daemon process has stopped or a different process is preventing the auto-closure from working appropriately. The original bug was resolved as part of the 12.5.2 release so it could be a related cause or a different issue altogether.


          Unfortunately I've not experienced the issue since the upgrade to 12.5.2 or 12.6.0 so all I can recommend is to clear the help desk logs, set the logs to debug mode within Setup, and then restarting the help desk. From there start monitoring for when the issue comes back again... once the issue is recreated, simply run the health check tool from the installation folder and forward the health check information with details and time frames of the issue/occurrence as a new SolarWinds case (as you have experienced and raised a similar issue before, I'd also recommend referencing the old case number you previously had).


          Note that debug mode will create more logging information that will use a vast amount of space unless managed appropriately. Additionally it may also drain performance of the help desk at peak times if there's not enough memory allocated to the help desk.



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