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    Rest API with HTTPS


      I have been using the REST API feature for quite a while with curl statements in PHP that use links similiar to this one

      "http://helpdesk/helpdesk/WebObjects/Helpdesk.woa/ra/Clients/" . $clientName . "?username=<myuser>&apiKey=<my-api-key>";


      I use an SSL certificate (Not Self Signed but supplied by an authority) so that users log in with http(s) rather than http.  I recently change the whd.conf file to force a redirect to https if a user tried to just http.  When I did it broke my REST API calls because they were all http and apparently it was now redirecting them to https.  The odd thing though is I have seen conflicting documentation on this when looking at the Web Help Desk REST API Guide it only shows using http, however in the forum I have seen it said that Solarwinds only allows http(s) and I've seen several examples of people using code that had and http(s) url for the API call.  Does anyone know the definitive answer on this?  Is it possible to use HTTPS with the REST API calls so that my link looked this "https://helpdesk/helpdesk/WebObjects/Helpdesk.woa/ra/Clients/" . $clientName . "?username=<myuser>&apiKey=<my-api-key>";




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          We have a similar environment; WHD is SSL'd and redirect is enabled (via Setup > General > Server Options).  We are using the REST API with cURL and point only to https: in the URLs. No issues.


          I can't confirm whether it works or not with http: as I have not tested it. However, http: is not advised when using the api key.



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            The API document you posted is for the 12.1 release and has 0 instances of https. The API did change some in the 12.3 release and the newest version of the API guide is located here Web Help Desk REST API Guide  and it has many instances of HTTPS for the auth part.


            Also note there have been no other major API changes since 12.3 except in 12.6 there is supposed to be a new response given if the chosen request type is archived but I don't see the doc updated for that.

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