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    NCM Job List Status


      Hello,  i am new and wanted to ask something about the status of one Job.

      the status State is "Running 100%". Does this mean that the job is complete and no errors were encountered? Thank you

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          mjdc275823 I believe that indicates the job is technically still running, but should be finishing up shortly. If it's a scheduled job, and has completed, it should appear as the two jobs above it show. Are you asking because the status has been stuck as "running" for too long? (Sometimes that happens, depending on your version)


          Which modules and versions are you running in your SolarWinds environment? (copy footer from any page in your system)

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              Normally I believe in that same screen from the screenshot above there should also be a little icon to view the report from the last run. Basically it's just a log that shows what happened during that run. In my experience if the log is updated and has information normally it indicates the job completed. If the log does not have information about a previous run it could be that it's still running. Either way I agree that normally when it is completely finished it will go back to "scheduled" state. I'm sure there should be a log somewhere as well that could show what's going. It would be good to know if this has been running for a long time? and if your seeing the same for any other reports? What are the module versions your running?

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