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    VB downloader question

      I downloaded the VB script for automating the cisco configs and it works great for my internal network routers. I would like to download the config for my routers that are sitting on the internet as well. To do this I need to change the TFTP IP address to the natted IP address. Is there anyway this can be done in the script?

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          You can set the TFTP Server address from within your download scripts.
          Here is an example from the original "DownloadMultipleConfigs.vbs". I changed the Download() function to set the TFTP Server address.

          Sub Download(IP,Community)
              ' Create a new transfer object
              Set Transfer = TransferEngine.Transfers.NewTransfer

              ' Set IP address and Community string
              Transfer.IP = IP
              Transfer.Community = Community
              ' The following Line sets the TFTP Server address
              Transfer.TFTPServer = ""

              ' Download config
              If Transfer.DownloadConfig then
               Success = Success & "Success:Downloaded Config to " & Transfer.FullPathname & vbcrlf
               Success = Success & "Error  :" & Transfer.LastError & vbcrlf
              End If
              Set Transfer = Nothing
          End Sub
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            Hi Don,

            Would you provide more information on SWCiscoTransfer COM object properties?