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    TFTP, PXE and diskless PCs

      Hello there,

      I'm new to TFTP and wondered if anyone could suggest how to go about setting up the following configuration?

      I'd like a diskless PC to boot DOS or ideally a slimmed-down Windows 98 installation over a network using its PXE network adapter. I have previously created a 98 installation with the functionality I require in 128MB. (Using 98lite software from www.litepc.com).

      The "server" would be a normal Windows machine running Windows XP. I realise this is not a server OS, but have been told TFTP will run on it. Both machines are connected to a small office broadband router which currently handles DHCP requests.

      Can anyone suggest how I could go about getting this diskless PC to work, or if indeed it's even possible with the software and hardware described?

      Thanks for your time,