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    Win2k3 and Solar Winds

      I have installed SolarWinds Engineering Edition on a Windows 2003 Server.  Seems to run just fine however when I am tracking servers bandwidth (Bandwidth Monitor - Average In/output) the data seems to drop off to zero data being tracked.....  The servers I am monitoring are web servers and I am just looking for the bandwidth each server puts out. I could understand if each web server gets 250 kb of data for an hour then no traffic for another hour.  But when I run a performance monitor or Bandwidth Gauge I can see each server actually receiving request for web pages.  I would think since there are requests being made there should be traffic to monitor on for SolarWinds. Any ideas or pointers would be great.  I am new to SolarWinds so thanks in advaced for any input.
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          Are you monitoring the server interface?  Or a switch interface to the server?  You may not have have the right MIB/OID for that particular server.  I usually try and monitor the switch port, that takes some load away from the servers having to process the SNMP requests.

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