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    Nortel Switch Mapping

      I have downloaded the Engineers Edition trial 5.5 and am attempting to use the switch port mapper tool to map the ports of Nortel 450 24T switches.  I have the Nortel's grouped in a stack of three with one head unit controlling the other two with a fast backplane.  The Nortels then connect via a fiber cable to a Cisco 4006 switch. 

      When I run the port mapper tool I pickup many of the mac addresses connected to the ports but still there are alot that come up blank even through the port says connected.  The IP addresses fields has the same issue - sporadic lookup even when I change the router/server field to the closet router, a Windows DC or the c4006 switch.

      One port on the fiber port on the Nortel stack lists alot of MAC addresses but this is understandable as that is the link to the rest of the network.

      I am a little disappointed as I thought this product would have more solid results.  Am I doing something wrong?
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          SwitchPort Mapper relies on DNS - specifically "Reverse DNS zones" to rsolve the IP's to names. To make sure your EE PC can resolve IP's to names try the following at a command prompt;

          ping -a <IP.Add.res.s>

          Try it with some of the IP's that did not resolve in SwitchPort Mapper.