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    Need a history of Annotations once they are gone from the Trends Chart - how, please?


      Whenever I add or redefine an Index, I add an Annotation in DPA.  These are really useful markers for the current 30 days.


      What happens to them after the 30-days have gone by?


      How can I go back further to pull a list of Annotations from my repository?  Instance, date-time, title, description, who, are all I can enter in the dialog, and that's sufficient to answer a "Which indexes were added to which instances, and when?"


      Having 30 instances, with multiple product versions deployed, we'll have some indexes deployed to several production instances across the globe, e.g., 5 for one of our multi-national customers, but not to others. 


      It would be really helpful if DPA had the characteristic of "the elephant never forgets" (or at least, it doesn't forget Annotations for a year!).