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    Approval Process


      Maybe I am missing something, but this isn't working for us, so I need some help.


      I have a Request Type of Request • Web Site which has the Lead Technician of our network administrator


      I am using a Processes • Approval Process of Client (our Director of Technology) only 1 Step


      When the Ticket comes in, for some reason, I need to assign the ticket to our Director of Technology (I was hoping that when the Request Type was selected, the Director of Technology would automatically be assigned.


      When he approves the ticket request, it does NOT go to our Lead Technician. Why not?


      I was hoping that our Director of Technology would approve the Ticket Request and it would go to our network administrator to implement.


      Can I do what I want? If so, what step am I missing?

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          If the assignment to the Director of Technology is simply for the approval, then you do not actually need that step.


          1) What you should do is set up your request type as you have.

          2) The tech group that responds to that request type (at level 1) should be set to assign the ticket automatically to the lead tech.

          3) It sounds like you have the approval process set up correctly.

          4) When the Director approves the request, then the status can be changed and the ticket can be worked on by the lead tech.


          If the Director has to do something within WHD to the ticket first, then I'd suggest a different workflow.

          1) Set up the request type without approvals.

          2) Set up a tech group with two levels.  Director at level 1, network administrator at level 2.

          3) Director deal with the ticket, and escalate to level 2 to assign to the network administrator.