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    What are the best methods to use SCM following a patching Window.


      I've installed Server Configuration Monitor (SCM) a few weeks ago.  I have enough licenese to run it on every Windows-based server in our environment; however I'm holding off on deploying it beyond the two dozen or so servers I have it on now because I'm struggling with what is the best method to update the baselines following our monthly patching cycle. 


      For example, we normally patch 2 times a month.  This means that there are some changes in the SW inventory of SCM.  This results in me going machine by machine to accept the changes and re-baseline the servers.  Not a huge task until you stop and look at how you will do this when it's pushed to around 1000 machines.  So here is my question, is there a faster way to re-baseline servers following patching cycles?


      This would save me a lot of time and clicks so if anyone knows of any good practices, I am all ears.