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    TFTP Server -> timeout occured..!!??


      a friend off mine has set up an sql-server and he asked me to test it with sqlexec and tftp...

      here's the problem..
      i connect to his server with sqlexec, then i give the command
      "tftp -i myip get file.txt directory" and then i get the error 'Timeout occurred-Connect request failed'!?
      i'm connected to the internet trough a modem and a hub, i opened port 69 (udp and tcp) in my modem and forwarded it to my internal ip, when i try to connect with another program on port 69(surv-u (ftp-server)) its works perfect sow my port is open! but when i try to connect to tftp it gives the timeout error
      i've tried allot of things but it wont work..!?

      hope someone can help me..!?!?

      Thx guys!!

      Grtz Beatje

      Ps : i hope you all understand what i'm trying to explain, my english aint that great cause i'm from belgium