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    SNMP real-time graph scale

      Hi, I'm using the SNMP real time graph to constantly monitor the traffic on several T1 lines, I would like the scale on the left side to always read 1.5 (or perhaps 1.75) no matter what the actual traffic looks like, currently I get freaked out sometimes when the graph changes to a smaller scale and, from a distance, it looks like we're getting 0wned, but then I look again and see that the graph changed to 500k scale.

      Is this possible?


      Joseph Peterson
      Network Administrator
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          Excellent idea.
          At this time, there is no way to set fixed MIN and MAX scales within SNMP Graph. It always Autoscales.
          But... I'll make sure your idea is in the Toolset Version 7 final release.

          The V7 toolset final release should be in a couple weeks.