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    File Open Error 3

      Running TFTP Server on a Win2003 server.
      I am able to ping the PIX, from the server and ping the server from the PIX.

      When I do a write net to save the config, TFTP server gives me the following error:

      TFTP Error from sending TFTP-Root/PIX.cfg:File Open Error 3

      Any ideas what is not setup correctly.?

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          Startlog, It looks to me like you are sending the wrong path to the pix... If TFTP-Root is your root folder for the TFTP Server, then no path spec would be neccesary.

          If there is a designated TFTP server set in the PIX config, change it to have no folder OR use no folder when giving the 'write net' command:

          Use: "write net <your ip>:pix.cfg"
          instead of: "write net <your ip>:TFTP-Root/pix.cfg"

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            I am having the same problem.

            I tried your suggestion but it did not work!
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              If I execute "show tftp" on my pix, this is what I get

                tftp-server inside /TFTP-Root

              You'll notice that I don't have a "/" at the end, so I have to
              include it with the "write net" command.

              try using "write net :/pix.cfg

              Without the "/", I get the File Open Error 3