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    Switch Port Mapper Versions

      In researching an issue I have with switch-port mapper I noticed that there seem to be a number of different versions of the tool out there with which people are having varying degrees of success.

      The issue I have is that running against a Catalyst 6500 running CatOS 7.6 I get full populations of MAC and IP addresses, but I only get names for the first couple of hundred devices.  If I re-run I get similar results.  Unfortunately the ports my user closets are on are low numbered so the table gets filled up with desktop names.

      Any thoughts?

      - Chris

      BTW running 5.6 from September '03.
        • Re: Switch Port Mapper Versions
          The names are retrieved by doing a "Reverse DNS Lookup". You can check to see if the names are actually in the DNS PTR zone by doing a "ping -a <IP.Address> from a Windows PC.

          You can also do an nslookup from the command prompt on your EE server and enter the IP Address of a node which did not resolve to a name.

          Either the IPs are not in DNS, or the DNS queries are timing out. Perhaps your DNS server has some kind of flood control if too many queries come from one host in a brief period of time?