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    Adding "Parent Device" field to NOC view/details view


      A bit of research showed me how to add the "parent device" field to the devices view:

      - Right-click to the right of the column headers in devices view

      - Add it from device properties

      - Go to configuration -> my settings and save it


      But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to add it to the NOC view. As far as I can tell, adding the fields to NOC view is the only way to get them to show up in the "Edit monitor" view (which we also use as a "details" view.)


      Compare and contrast the two screenshots attached. One has the device settings and one does not. I'm not even sure HOW I have that on one of the systems in question, since I didn't add it - some default setting that I messed up on the other system?


      Any insight from anyone who might be hanging around?

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          adelp - just to clarify - are your settings configured to display the appropriate columns similar to this?



          Is it working when you look at most monitors and just not working for some?


          In my lab - I am able to see the Parent Device appropriately -


          Seeing it in the NOC view as well -

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              Hey, jblank.


              No, they're not (at least one one server,) and that's actually the root of my problem.


              When I attempt to "add field" and add the "parent device" field under the NOC view, I don't even have it as an option. From what I can tell, I'd need "Device Properties" as an option rather than "Intrinsic Properties." This option being missing is actually common to both my servers, but for some reason I had the field under my new profile on one of them (meaning I didn't have to add it there.)

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                  @adelp - I don't think you are crazy sir.  It appears from my testing and double-checking with a developer that we do have a bug here.  The value is here but it seems to be missing the actual "property" which is what I believe you are looking for.  So if somehow this field gets removed, you really have no way of adding it back.   


                  I have logged this internally (IPM-103) and will see if we can get this fixed.  Thank you for bringing this to our attention. 

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