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    NCM support for Ruckus and Sophos configs?


      I love NCM.

      The tool is awesome when working with tons of switches and configs.


      Is there a way to have NCM automatically backup my configs for my Ruckus controller and Sophos firewalls?


      I would rather have NCM do this for me automatically instead of having to manually do the backups.

      That's what technology is for right?  lol


      Does this product do that at all?    If so how? 




        • Re: NCM support for Ruckus and Sophos configs?

          Hi yannella,


          i am pretty sure it is possible what you are trying to achieve. Maybe you need to do some customizing to make it work (mostly wizard-based, so it shouldn't be to hard).


          You should take a look device templates, connection profiles and macros. With those 3 tools you are able to connect to the desired devices and download their configuration.


          Your best bet will be to start with a new device template, there you can setup the general device access like credentials and maybe custom prompts for user names or passwords.



          While you are at the "config download" step you can set parameters for the specific devices which commands NCM should use to get the configs.



          A good start would be to take a look at existing device templates to get an idea how they are built.


          If you need any help with a template, feel free to ask.


          Best Regards