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    Switch Port mapper and discovered mac addresses

      I have toolset 2002 5.5. I am trying to use switch port mapper to get the mac address on each port of a switch. I have done this in the past but now I can't seem to get the mac address info. I get everything else I need. I do see that when it runs it does look at the arp table of my router but never displays any mac address. Anybody have any ideas? 

      Thanks for any help,

      Mike Fox
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          I was having trouble using the Switchport mapper also not too long ago.  I called the support desk and as a customer with maintenance they directed me to a new version dated 5.5 June 2003.  I am using the OS Win2k Pro also for my monitoring tools. 

          This seems to have taken care of those problems I was having.  Hope this helps.

          Joe Funk

          Joseph A Funk
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            I'm having an issue with 6500 switches running 6.3(6), which does support Bridge-Mib, however when I walk the switch it does not show up.  If I run it on 7.5.(1) it works great.  However I have over 100 6500 switches all running version 6.3(6) and bought this application to find out what is connected to the port and be able to disable it quickly in the event of a virus. Is there any way that Solawinds can support RFC-1271??

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              One thing to keep in mind is that to poke at the bridge mib in a particular vlan you have to use an index community string... for example, if the comm string is public and the vlan is 100, in the community string field you put 100@public