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    Performance Monitor (EE 2002) aborting w/ no error

      I am running Engineer's Edition 2002 and Network Performance Monitor has, at random times, just shut down.  There have never been any errors once it's shut down nor any errors when relaunching it.  Sometimes it shuts down without anything being put into the Events log.  Is this a hardware performance issue?  Has this happened to anyone else?  My .cfg file is only at 233MB and I have DB maintanence running every morning at 2:15am.  Don't know what else to do, sometimes it'll run for a week w/out shutting down, other times 2 days.

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          Call solarwinds there is some database optimization that can be done.  Also try closing the application and then open it within MSaccess and then use the database utilities to repair and compact.  I have had that problem in the past and this seemed to fix it.  If you call solarwinds, they will instruct you to add a "key" to some of things within the database.  In fact if you look in the knowledge base, there is some info about this.

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