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    Is there any document descibing the SolarWinds Orion DB including relationships between tables?


      I am trying to combine two SolarWinds Orion  (aka. A and B) DBs into one (aka. C), I didn't tried it yet but I hope it is possible.


      I need to build some conversion tables, so A Polling Engine# 1, will not conflict with B poling engine# 1. Therefore, for example, I'll have to copy all references of A engineID# 1 to C EngineID# 1, and B EngineID# 1 to C EngineID# 2


      It is the same for Nodes, and Agents. (not sure if there are more keys needed to be transformed)


      The problem is that many foreighn keys are not appear in the DB, and are only implicit by names. For example: the table AgentManagement_Agents have PollingEngineID field which, I belive, referring to Engines table, but the reference between the tables has not been defined.


      So I wonder, is there any document or diagram that can show all relation between tables, include the implicit ones?

      Can I assume column names (like in the example above) are implies they are foreighn keys?