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    Performance Monitor aborting with Windows XP

      We have been running the Engineers Edition 2001 version on Microsoft 2000 for a while. Due to the number of nodes and interfaces we are now monitoring, were starting to effect the performance on this system. We upgraded to a faster system that runs XP Professional SP1. We started getting errors that the Performance Monitor generated an error and would shut down. This even occured with a completely new and empty database. The debug information pointed to a MSVCRT.DLL. In working with tech support is was recommended we upgrade to the 2002 version. We installed and successfully ran a test with a few nodes for a day or so before moving everything over. We coppied the databases over from the older version but started receiving the same error. We then recreated the entire database and just about the time we had all the nodes entered we started receiving the same error. This is running on an IBM ThinkCentre P4 with 512M of ram. We have tried just about everything we can think of to correct this issue. Has anyone else experienced this? Looking for suggestions ....