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    DameWare 12.1 is Now Available


      I’m happy to announce that DameWare 12.1 is now publicly available.


      This release brings several improvements, namely:


      • New Mirror Driver -  Customers connecting to Windows® 10 can now use the brand-new mirror driver. Additionally, DameWare 12.1 now supports 4K monitor resolution and adds support for Java® and DirectX® Apps, allowing you to interact with high resolution displays and modern apps.
      • TLS1.2 support - which can help ensure the safe transfer of real-time data. TLS 1.2 adheres to PCI and HIPAA industry requirements.
      • Refreshed UI -  New, refreshed icons for DameWare Remote Support and Mini Remote Control update the look and feel of both DameWare products.


      DameWare 12.1 is available for download on your customer portal for those customers under current maintenance.


      If you are not a DameWare user yet, now go and download new version from www.dameware.com now!