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    Where Are My THWACKcamp 2018 Points?


      I know by now a lot of you have been wondering where your points are from doing the THWACK Participation Mission for the last two days. Some have been able to obtain their points automatically, while others are still trailing behind. Hopefully this post will help shine some light on the process that's happening and the steps moving forward.


      Yes, your points should have been automatically applied to your account from the trigger that was put in place for them. That being said, due to the volume of actions being taken for this specific mission it could be hindering performance on these. This is why some are seeing them appear with no problem and others haven't had them kick over yet.


      That being said, we have all that delicious data that will allow us to track everything regardless. So not to fear, we will make sure all points awarded to those who participated by the end of next week.


      I hope everyone enjoyed their THWACKcamp 2018 experience and are looking forward to joining us again next year!