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    Satellite network connectivity monitoring


      I have a use case where I need to monitor network connectivity between multiple sites. Here sites are connected through satellite network or fiber network. Is there any solution available in SolarWinds which can provide below for both Satellite as well as fiber network:

      1) Network connectivity (Up/Down)

      2) Latency

      3) Performance

      4) Bandwidth

      5) Utilization

      6) Network traffic data


      Thanks in advance!

        • Re: Satellite network connectivity monitoring

          Network Performance Monitor (NPM) will do all of what you ask, natively, right out of the box. 


          If you want specific traffic data details, like sources, destinations, ports, traffic types, etc., then you should add in Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA).


          How are you measuring performance separately from the other five items you listed?  It seems as if Performance is a combination of the others.  What metrics do you want for Performance that aren't already provided by the other five items?