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    MIB Viewer API

      I am working with Solarwinds' support and they have sent my question to the developers but I was hoping someone in this forum can give me at least a quick yes/no on my question...

      I am trying to write a function in Access or Excel (cause the help file says it can be done) to utilize the MIB Viewer API in retreiving an OID value (which the help file doesn't *specifically* say can be done).  In the samples provided, MIBViewer.ViewMIB opens MIB Viewer and queries with the specified parameters.  I am looking for a function in the API that might *return* the value from the SNMP query.  Something like: value= MIBViewer.GetMIB(<IP>,<CommunityString>,<OID>).

      Can anyone tell me if such a function exists and/or what parameters need to be provided?

      Thanks in advance,
      Michael Preble