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    Interface name in UnDP


      I created an universal device poller to get the attenuation for fiber optic interfaces.

      The problem is the OID is giving me the ID of the interface instead of the name so when I use a Tabular Node Pollers it´s difficult figure out what interface is relating to the attenuation.

      When I created the UDP I also select "Use interface name" for the label but is still showing the ID for the interface.

      Have you found a solution for this issue?



        • Re: Interface name in UnDP

          So the problem you are running into it kind of common with SNMP tables, the name/description you are looking for probably lives on some entirely different table than the one that has your attenuation values. 


          The GUI for that tool really only lets you pick label columns that are in the same table, but if you can find the correct oid for the interface description you can export out your UNDP poller from the tool and edit the file in notepad to force the poller to check basically any OID you want for the label then import that back in.  If you are comfortable in SQL you could also just make the same kind of edit directly in the database.  Not sure if your table is different, but for most interface related tables you can probably poll to get the interface alias.  I'd do a walk against your device though to make sure that all lines up correctly with what you are expecting.