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    SNMPv3 Does not work


      Hello All,


      IpMonitor Server: 10.8.2 Build 1500


      I have created SNMPv3 credentials on few hardware devices like APC ATS and PDU with below configurations:

      Authentication Protocol: Available options are SHA and MD5. Treid both

      Privacy Protocol: Available options are AES and DES. Tried both.


      Now i created a SNMPv3 credential in IPMonitor as below configurations with exact same username and password set in the device :

      Usage Restrictions: May be authorized for use by any account

      Disaply Categories: Only selected SNMPv3 Authentication.


      Everytime i scan the device with SNMPv3 monitor it crashes IPMonitor service. The service goes into stopping state and i have to start the service. Can somebody please help me setup SNMPv3 monitor?



      Dhyanesh Mehta